The series of high speed automatic reel to sheet ruling machine, binding Plant of COMPOSITON NOTE BOOK. Paper drilling Plant special for making holes upon the paper product like FILLER, SPIRAL & REFILL PAD. Coir binding Plant for binding to JOURNAL, REGISTER & DAIRIES, are installed at  RK International.

When the paper is passed through these series of automatic machines it gets free from all damages, dust material, missing space of ruling.

All this has a direct effect on the cost of product due to zero wastage of paper. Which makes product compatible to international market. The state-of-art automatic Plants of International ,use latest technology to produce RK International standards. The online inflow and outflow mechanisms are fully computerized with the help of sensors. The plants have production capacity 30000 Pcs per day. The manufacturing Plant premises has eco friendly environment and fully protected against harm of Indian autumn.